Cost-Effective Marketing

You NEED More Customers.
We can get them to you.

Here's What's Coming!

In the coming weeks, this website will be replaced with a local directory where businesses will have the opportunity to get a free listing and promote their services and products…FREE*

Advertisers will get a Premium listing as long as they are currently advertising.

So we apologize for the lack of, well useful stuff. Please bear with us.

5 Reasons You Probably Need More Customers.


Your Customers are Moving.

Six percent of Americans move across county lines every year. That means that you could stand to be losing at least 2-3% of your customer base each year if they’re moving out of your service area or closer to another local contractor a couple counties over.


Your Customers are Aging & Dying

Seniors will move into retirement communities and those aging in their own homes will pass away. And there is no guarantee that you’re going to get the next homeowner’s business.


Your Customers are Canceling

There are too many reasons to list. It’s just a fact that people stop coming in, or cancel their services, for whatever reason. It’s estimated that little more than 10% of your customers won’t be “Your” customers next year.


You Customers Have Reached Max Value.

If you’re in a business that offers many services, then you may have a percentage of customers who are at a certain level with your business right now, and that’s where they will stay.

You need more customers to grow.


Your Current Customers Aren't Your Ideal.

Lets face it, every business owner has those couple customers that just aren’t the most ideal. Whether they’re hard to deal with, don’t pay on time or whatever… They just aren’t ideal.

Wouldn’t you be happier with a few new, better customers?

How Do We Get You More Customers?

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Cost-effective Advertising

Your ad in The ButlerBooster will get Hand-Delivered to the homes and Businesses in and around Butler.

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As a ButlerBooster advertiser, you get a free Premium Listing in our local business directory for the term of your advertising.

After that, your listing reverts to the free version.

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Online & Offline
Marketing Events

We will be offering online promotion via our Social Media accounts as-well-as utilizing paid advertising both online and offline.

And It All Begins With a Hand-delivered Booster.

You can get a Full Color ad in the ButlerBooster™ for as little as 4.2¢ per copy, Hand-delivered to Homes and Businesses in the Butler are quarterly. That’s so affordable, You’d have to be allergic to customers to turn that deal down.

2.4722″ x 4.1979″

Large Ad

We offer only 3 large ads on the cover of the Booster, and at only 5.4¢ per home, it’s a great value and excellent exposure!

2.4722″ x 3.2639″

Small Ad

We offer our small ad, which isn’t that small when compared to our competitors. You can even combine two or more and get up to 20% off!*

Advertising is totally unnecessary… Unless you hope to make money.

Jef I. Richards

There Can Be Only One!

We only allow ONE member from any category at a time - One Dentist, One Insurance Agent, One Landscaper, One… Well you get the idea.

So Don’t delay and risk losing your spot to your competition.